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Gari, a gifted young actress, has been entertaining audiences throughout Southern California since she was five, when she made her first public appearance at an environmental fundraiser in Ventura County, California. The song was “Born Free” and it was apparent, even at an early age that Gari was born to sing. In the past eight years Gari has made over 300 Live Performances, from the Thousand Oaks Arts Festival to the stages of L.A. to various competitions, Gari has been sharing her talent and perfecting her craft.

With 2 Mavric awards for vocals and performing, and NMW nomination for 2009 Best New Artist, 2010’s Best Young Artist for a Better World, she also entertains with musical theatre companies in the area, for numerous benefits and city functions, as well as sporting events and private charity events. Highlighting her career was her appearance at the Canyon Club, where she opened for the Beach Girlz to hundreds of screaming fans. Gari released “Strange Behavior” a single Country Rock tune that debuted on KHAY radio station and is now become a Halloween classic among her followers. The youngest entertainer, to perform at Douglas Corner, a venue for FANFAIR for Nashville’s CMA’s, she sang her award winning single “Pocket Full of Stones” and met with rave reviews.